Lisa Fitzpatrick’s Top Tips for planning your Autumn Wardrobe with Navan Town Centre

Lisa Fitzpatrick’s Top Tips for planning your Autumn Wardrobe with Navan Town Centre

Some people will argue that August is a summer month but others will say that it’s the beginning of Autumn, with that in mind I’m getting my Autumn wardrobe essentials ready for the season ahead.

Some people will argue that August is a summer month but others will say that it’s the beginning of Autumn, with that in mind I’m getting my Autumn wardrobe essentials ready for the season ahead...


Lisa's Top Tips:











1. Clean out your wardrobe

I love organising my wardrobe for different seasons. It makes it much easier to see what I have to wear instead of squeezing all my clothes for the four seasons in it all year round. It also makes more space for you to invest in some key items for the new season.

You also have to be honest, throw away anything that hasn’t been worn in the last twelve months or no longer fits you. If you are finding it hard to part with something then hold onto it for another few months, if you still don’t wear it then it might be time to pass it on or donate it to charity. Now when you have some space in your wardrobe you can start shopping.


2. Take Note of What You Have

Make a list of the key items that you don’t have or need to replace. Identify key investment pieces you need and budget for them, like shoes, knits, coats and bags or any basics that need replacing. I love stocking up on a few essentials from Penneys and Dunnes Stores.

Careful consideration of what you need beforehand will prevent impulse buys and overspending. You should love everything you buy and each piece should compliment your style and the rest of your wardrobe. Autumn/ Winter clothes can be more expensive so you want them be able to be carried through to next year.

A key investment for me at this time of year is a good coat. It’s not cold enough to bring out the full winter wooley coats so I thought this waistcoat from Pamela Scott would be great to keep you warm enough in the Autumn, it’s simple and classy and can be teamed up with a pair of jeans for when you’re on the go or even out shopping!


Bomber jackets are all in at the moment and Vero Moda have a great selection of them.


3. Special occasions

Make sure you look through your social schedule for the coming season. Do you have any holidays planned? What activities will you need outfits for? What events do you have coming up? Group your clothing into categories to work out roughly how many outfits you need for the season.

Lipstick Fashion has a great selection of headpieces for special occasions. I love wearing headpieces for weddings in particular and fancy dress. Make sure that you are comfortable with the piece you wear so that you can keep it on for a long as possible. I once heard that at weddings you have to keep your headpiece on until both the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom have taken theirs off.


4. Access Your Lifestyle

The perfect wardrobe should not only reflect your personal style, but also your lifestyle. You should also be comfortable with what you wear for work, home, socialising etc. What you wear should compliment with how you live.


5. Accessories

I love accessorising. It’s a great way to change up an outfit without anyone noticing that it’s the same clothes.

Scarfs are great to add colour to an outfit or handbag even. There is plenty of choice in Navan Town Centre for these. Pulse have some gorgeous colourful ones at the moment:

Jewellery! I love jewellery shopping. I’m like a magpie, attracted to all the shiny pretty things. This gorgeous neckpiece from Pulse is so simple and can go with almost anything. It’s steal for €15.

You can also pick up some great gifts in Carrig Donn jewellery section. They have amazing necklaces, earrings, watches, bracelets etc.

Costume jewellery is my favourite way of dressing up an outfit. I love these pieces from River Island:


6. Invest in Quality over Quantity

You should aim to have a small wardrobe of key pieces and low-cost essentials that can coexist together beautifully to give you your personal style. You’ve heard it before, but less is always more. Look for quality pieces over a large amount of on-trend items.

There are some core go-to pieces that a women’s autumn/winter wardrobe shouldn’t be without, like a good sweater, pair of jeans, blazer, coat, blouse and long sleeve dress, but stick to what styles work best for you and keep it refreshing in unexpected and inventive ways.

Carrig Donn have some great pieces that will take your through to Winter too. I particularly love this cardigan. It would be great to throw on over jeans or a skirt and a steal at €29.95! I also love this poncho from Pamela Scott. It’s a neutral colour so can be matched with a number of colour schemes. It’s €69.95 and available in Khaki and Navy.


7. Create some Go-To Outfits

Once all the shopping is complete, familiarise yourself with your new wardrobe and spend time putting together as many different outfits as you can for every scenario. Pay attention to detail like accessories and styling, and experiment using your inspiration mood board. Snap pictures of your outfits to reference later on, and to make getting up on those colder mornings a little bit easier.

I’ve spotted a couple of items that I’m going to pair up for various occasions. You can’t go wrong with a having a pair of black jeans in your wardrobe. I spotted these in Carrig Donn.

You can dress it up for a night out with the girls with this beautiful lace top from Vero Moda or I love this Kimono from Vero Moda too, you can wear a simple top underneath so it’s not too much going on.

Penneys also have this cute jumpsuit instore now. Jumpsuits are great to have, it’s an outfit all in one, no need to worry about matching tops with skirts or jeans. You’re ready to go and for only €18!


8. Autumn Footwear

It goes without saying that shoes are every bit as integral to the fashion world as clothes themselves. After all, the right footwear can transform an entire outfit. With Autumn around the corner it’s time to look at some suitable footwear options like boots, I love boots from booties, ankle boots to knee high boots there are so many options for different outfits.

You are really spoilt for choice when it comes to shoe shopping in Navan Town Centre. Here are a few of my picks.

From River Island

From Marks & Spencer

You can’t beat having a great pair of black boots. You can dress up or dress down any outfit. with them. They also have some great casual wedge boots that are great to wear when you are on the go but still want to look stylish!

I absolutely love these boots from New Look. They are fab! They can be wore day and night.


9. Skincare

With the change in weather (even if it is only a slight change) we need to look after our skin.

I’m a fan of No7's innovative Lift and Luminate Triple Action serum at the moment. I picked it up in Boots. I like to keep an eye out for their 3 for 2 deals and then I stock up on some essentials every now and then.

For those of you who haven’t tried out No. 7’s Match Made service in Boots you have to give it a go. With the change in season, most of us will change our make up foundation tones and shades so this would be a great help to decide what you need to pick up.

While on the topic, it’s hard not delve into some treat items for makeup. You can beat having good brushes, its makes a huge difference to your makeup application. Pulse has some great brush sets at the moment. Also be sure to look after your brushes carefully and wash them. These sets come in cases so it’s handy to keep them in shape.

Some people will argue that August is a summer month but others will say that it’s the beginning of Autumn, with that in mind I’m getting my Autumn wardrobe essentials ready for the season ahead.